Fondazione Flaminia da Filicaja

For over six years ago, I visited the Filicaja wineyard as a horsetrainer.

I was consulted by Count and Countess Nardi dei Filicaja Dotti to give them
input and advices as they just had bought 8 horses from Argentina.

The Count and Countess also informed me about their plans of starting a
foundation for

horses in need. The surroundings and landscape around the castle is  very
good suited for

just that purpose.

Today, when the foundation is more than 6 years old, I know and have seen
how much work they have done.

Together with the Italian state and animal rights orginazation, they today
have more then

68 horses in huge need. It is hard work every day of feeding them, treating
them for injurys and when the horse is better it is work of founding new
adoptive homes for the horses.

Recently someone anonymous wrote to me and said:

-         Why not shot them?

My answer is...

All living animals has a place on earth.

So why not treat this horses and in the end try to find adoptive homes for

I recently went back to Filicaja. And (as writing) this, there are more then
15 horses today

Just waiting to be adopted.

But , one of the major problem is. Food.

It costs huge amount of money every month to feed these horses.

And as not responsible for the foundation at all, ive started to try to
raise an amount of money

to try to buy hay for the horses.

As a human beeing and a huge horsefriend a hereby ask you for your help to
raise money for the foundation.

My goal is to raise more then 3000 EURO, and i am on my way, but i need your

To donate money send me a mail:

To read more about the foundation visit:   Or  and visit

Every single Euro is Welcome!


Carola Lind

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